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Logging In To Web Pro Manager

  1. Open an Internet Explorer browser window on your PC. You may also use other browser types for access: all latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported.

  2. Type your website’s address into the Address bar at the top of the browser window, followed by “/manage/” (Figure 2.1), and click Go. For example, if your website is xyz.com, then you will type: http://www.xyz.com/cms/

  3. If your website uses a “nested” installation of Web Pro Manager (i.e. in a subfolder), remember to type that address first, followed by “/manage/”: http://www.xyz.com/wpm/manage/

    Figure 2.1 - The Web Pro Manager login page.
    Figure 2.1 The Web Pro Manager login page.

  4. Enter in your username (e.g. admin) and password you received for the system in the LOGIN box, then click the Login button. Optionally, you can choose for Web Pro Manager to keep you logged in for up to 30 days by ticking the box “Keep me logged in”.