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 +====== Introduction To Using Web Pro Manager ======
 +===== Welcome to the Web Pro Manager User Guide =====
 +This user guide will explain the ins-and-outs of the Web Pro Manager, a powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) which is accessible wherever you can access the Internet and allows you to manage and make changes to your website in a simple interface.
 +This CMS allows for easy and intuitive editing of the front-end public side of your website.  The CMS is made up of the following areas **(Figure 1.1)**:
 +  * **Home**
 +  * **Sections**
 +  * **Pages**
 +  * **Library**
 +  * **Users**
 +===== Understanding Sections, Pages, and Components =====
 +  * **Sections -** **//Sections//** are similar to folders.  They are used to organize //Pages// located on the website into manageable groups. These //Section// “groups” make up the navigation your website's visitors see.  Each //Section// can hold an unlimited number of //Pages// and each //Section// can have an unlimited number of //sub-Sections// Learn how to use //Sections// in Chapter 5: Working With Sections.\\ \\   
 +  * **Pages -** **//Pages//** are the actual pages of your website.  Various types of pages include a **//Homepage//**, a **//Content//** page, or a **//Search//** page. In addition, a **//Link//** page has been added to the CMS, which is not really a page, but allows for the addition of extra internal and external links to show up in the main or component-based navigation.  Learn how to use pages in Chapter 6: Working With //Pages//.\\ \\ 
 +  * **Components -** **//Components//** are the building blocks that make up your pages.  //Components// range in design and functionality depending on their intended purpose. You can easily construct many different types of //Pages// by filling them up with re-usable components.\\ \\ All components available on your site are listed on the //Component Library// page, which can be accessed via the //Library// tab **(Figure 1.1)**. Learn how work with //Components// in Chapter 8: Enabling/Disabling //Components//.
 +{{:user_1-1.jpg?|Figure 1.1 - The CMS is made up of 5 separate areas and are shown as tabs located in the top navigation bar.}}\\ 
 +<fc #808080>//**Figure 1.1**  The CMS is made up of 5 separate areas and are shown as tabs located in the top navigation bar.//</fc>